Improve Myki’s
touch on, touch off and top up
experience on train users.

Interesting facts extracted from the data

Total Answers: 26
Valid Screeners: 19
Top-up method
Didn't know
about website
Has card
Is satisfied
with current
fare system
Is satisfied
with the service
“Mikey is completely f*cked up mate.”
“Got fined twice for not having money in the bloody card. Which is bullsh*t coz nowhere says it is 100% mandatory.”

Pain Point #1
Finding Myki

Pain Point #2
Late and without credit

Pain Point #3
Queue when Touching Off

Pain Point #4
How much I get charged

Nugget #1

Seems like the card is not easy to find and delays de touch on/off.

I would look for a solution that involves making the card handy, specially at touch off.
Nugget #2

Seems like the user would like to have an easier way to top up.

I would look at developing a mobile-friendly website or app that allows remote topping up from any phone.
Nugget #3

Seems like the user lacks information about fares and fees.

I would look at developing a brochure and a media campaign to inform the public about how everyone gets charged in every particular situation.